• Oct 28, 2021
  • by Robert Kohler

Earrings for Sensitive Ears

One of the most essential parts of a woman’s jewelry box is an earring. It makes a woman feel more confident and fashionable. However, there are some earrings that make your ears get irritated, reddish, itchy, rashes, and swelling while wearing them. And one of the main causes of it is surely the type of metal that is in your jewelry.


So what type of earrings should you buy for someone who has sensitive ears? Here is a list.

1.   Avoid Nickel Material

Nickel is one of the most common causes of sensitive ears, so you should just probably get rid of that in your list. Keep in mind that not all earrings are marked hypoallergenic works. And that there are really no standards set when it comes to what hypoallergenic means in the jewelry industry, though it also means that you are less likely to have an allergic reaction to it.


Purchase the one that has a nickel-free sign in it as it is way safer for your ears. Also, some earrings that are hypoallergenic have nickel in them, but are coated twice with another material. Overuse of the jewelry may cause the coatings to be worn off, and your ears will be irritated.

2.   Select Earrings that are Pure Gold, Platinum, Titanium or Silver

Gold, platinum, titanium or silver are the best choices when it comes to choosing earrings for people with sensitive ears. Purchase earrings that have 14k gold in them or above. “The higher the karat, the purer and less likely to cause a reaction,” says Natalie Aguilar,.a dermatological nurse and celebrity aesthetician.


Stainless steel and platinum are also some of the best hypoallergenic materials, as they can also be less reactive along with sterling silver, which is marked with 925, that has no nickel mixed within. They may be a bit pricey, but they will also give you the quality that you deserve.


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