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About Us

As an online jewelry store, Eliana and Eli Jewelry offers you a variety of fashion and fine jewelry. Passionate towards providing the highest standards of service and wealth of expertise which ensures that you and your precious jewelry will provide exceptional attention. Originated in the Palmetto State of South Carolina, US. We partnered with local craftsmen and sourced products all over the world. Every piece is made from the finest materials and are stamped with a certificate of authenticity. In addition, our jewellery is suitable for every occasion, a regular fit or a present for someone you love.

Jewelry isn't yet another pretty meaningless item. A jewelry represents your love and commitment to a relationship for both yourself and others to see. Every jewelry is a reflection of who you are. Much like your clothing, if you wear a piece of jewelry which truly represents who you are, you're likely to experience more security and comfort. We believe that what you wear on the outside is merely a way to strengthen that beauty and confidence of who you really are. By taking control of the jewelry that you put on, you can take control of how other people perceive you in which they can give you a sense of power and authority that boosts your level of confidence.

Our daughters Eliana and Eli as our family’s source of motivation and joy made our business what it is today. We are deeply convinced that family has the ability to inspire us to be the best version of yourself. Inspiration comes in a variety of ways, including challenges, much more than anything else, is what keeps us up no matter how hard they can be. These challenges are meant to distract us and yet it gives us hope and with this, we hope our family can inspire yours.





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